The Refinery

The future for The Refinery is bright and full. When meeting with the client, it became clear that this was a business model with a lot of moving parts and huge goals: a pottery studio, an artist’s market, a classroom for the arts, but also a resource and training center for entrepreneurial endeavors. That’s a lot to fit in a brand. The goal became clear: Balance the liveliness of the arts and the practicality of business.

As the front-and-center part of the business was based around pottery, I started with the integral elements of the art form. I then thought through the entrepreneurial journey to find shared symbolism between the two subjects. The bold, easily recognizable icon is the result.

For the color, the client and I went on a long process of combining different warms and cools. Trying to find a balance of something fiery to go with the company name, but with a high contrast cool color to signify the business aspect. After many attempts we went back to basics. The client desired something industrial, but not too masculine either. I started researching rust-based colors, which gave us a perfect range of reds and oranges. The final black and orange are impactful, even from a distance, but the curves in the font and icon help balance the boldness of the color choices. The collaboration with the client landed us with a brand that sets The Refinery apart and draws the community in physically and digitally.

Longtable Co.

This brand was made with love. I had the honor of developing this identity package for my wife. An amazing woman, deserving of an amazing logo for her newest venture. Developing the Longtable Co. branding package was a challenging but rewarding process. The main challenge was the drawing back of the curtain. My wife got to see all the behind-the-scenes processes that most clients don’t see. All the sketches. All the bad ideas. All the font hunting. All the grunt work that goes into presenting a polished logo to a client. To have a client involved during those parts of the process was new to me. It challenged both of us. To come out the other side with something that communicates, so fully, what she wants her company to be…there’s nothing better for a designer to hear from their client (and her friends and supporters) than that they love the brand I created for them. Especially when it’s your wife.

Acuity Technology Partners, LLC

A complete branding collection the client requested that included a new logo, icon library, social media advertising, and sundry other assets. A start-up seeking a brand that would make them appear bigger than their small, start-up-sized staff. The client wanted to kick off appearing established. A wise move to get all of their assets in order before getting ahead of themselves. It allowed them to appear more established — having thought through the entire implementation of their brand.

The Cafe at Life Church

As part of their remodeling efforts in their new building, Life Church created a cafe. They wanted branding that stood apart but felt like it belonged with the rest of their branding efforts. The heavy lifting was accomplished with logo deployment through signage, gift cards, and labels.

Core Restoration

Branding strategy and vehicle implementation for a restoration and renovation company in the Walla Walla, WA area. Adapting the “O” into a shape resembling construction materials and a target enforces the idea of strength, accuracy, and quality. Characteristics the client was eager to express.

Beards Brewery

One of the most successful breweries in Northern Michigan in recent years. It’s been a joy getting in on the ground floor and seeing them grow into the powerhouse they are today. From the beginning, Beards Brewery has always been a unique company, making unique products. It was a pleasure helping communicate that with their branding. A logo that’s hard to miss, whether it’s on an ice-cold growler or one of the many shirts you’ll see many of if you spend any time in the Northern Michigan area. And if you are, stop in and say hi to Pete and Ben for me. They are not only great clients who make great beer, but just all-around good dudes to know.